Hand Writing

Handwriting Classes - Age group 5 - 15 yrs

Co-ordination necessary to form letters, the ability to visualize the letter and therefore plan what movement to make to form the letter, Ability to put all of this together to write something down on paper first, letters then words then paragraphs. Advantages of good handwriting: Apart from the objective of good paper presentation, the children with good handwriting also show higher level of skill sets for reading, spelling and thereby boosting their self esteem. We strengthen their basic concept of alphabet formation, teach them to join letters to write words, spacing in sentence and ultimately develop their speed in writing. Programme is either Cursive or Joint print writing. The student may choose according to his/her style of preference.

Pattern Writing - Age group 2 - 4 yrs

The children are introduced to basic formation of letters in a fun way. The books and training are designed to impart interest in the pre-writing abilities of the child. The training involves book based training and also worksheets.

Classes : LKG to Class V

Activity Timings : 4.00 PM to 7.30 PM

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