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Currently the services under this program is unavailable. Contact 9381329450 for more updates.

Kids County offers age appropriate and well researched child friendly programmes to foster all round development with an integral approach helping the children to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We allow the children to Explore, Experiment, Experience and Enjoy their activities at their own pace. Roleplay, through songs and stories, simple experiments and activities will kindle the creativity and inquisitiveness which helps in improving the children’s natural learning ability

Junior I (1.8 - 2.5 years)

Provides an array of individual and group activities with adequate flexibility to give them a free space to explore and enjoy whatever they do. The children spend a major part of their day in fun art, games, singing and dancing both indoor and outdoor.

Activity timings : Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 12:00 noon

JUNIOR II (2.5 - 3.5 YEARS)

This level not only provides fun filled group activities in art, music and dance but also readiness activities such as recognition of alphabets and numbers in a purposeful manner. Art, music, play, interaction help the children to explore and exprience the joy of learning.

Activity timings : Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 12:30 noon

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